Using Kiosk-based Visitor Tracking At Your Office Reception

For an organisation to function well, it is essential to keep track of employees, staff members, contractors and visitors. For visitors, it is crucial to have a robust visitor management system in place. There are various ways of tracking someone or something but kiosk-based visitor tracking is the most popular one. It works to record the usage of facilities and equipment by the visitors of a public building or site. When the system is set up on or near the reception desks, it considers the entry and exit points of the business. This system effectively performs the task of marking the footprints of the visitors.

The visitor management kiosk at reception is a cost-effective way to access control over security at schools, corporate buildings, hospitals, etc. The system is gaining attention and is found installed at many places. Especially, at the places where visitor gathering is huge and a tight security is indispensable.

Basic Use Of Kiosk-based Visitor Tracking

The visitor management system is the safest way to secure your business. However, this system becomes more efficient, accurate and effective with the integration of kiosk. A Kiosk-based visitor management makes the process of check-in and check-out for a business, much more reliable. Here are some basic uses of visitor tracking kiosks:

  1. Along with tracking, it can provide directions to the visitors. These directions will help the visitors to access their place of need easily.
  2. A specified visitor management system based on kiosk can also eliminate the problem of creating a negative image of security personnel on tracking the visitors since it can work secretly.
  3. The kiosk at reception can get each guest’s basic identifying details in a matter of seconds. This makes the staff feel secure that the right visitors are in the right area.

The security kiosk at reception is of two types – manned and unmanned. The unmanned kiosk can be digital or non-digital. The unmanned kiosk-based visitor tracking is increasingly being used for things like hotel check-in, retail sales check out and healthcare screenings in pharmacies.

Every individual business can personalise the kiosks according to their requirement. You can go for the one which fulfils the need of your business. You can select the visitor tracking system as per the requirement of maximum space you want to store in it and the type of your business. You can personalise the system in terms of colour, size and company branding.

Kiosk-based visitor management integrates with a variety of software and peripherals. Different bespoke designs are available for different kiosks. You can choose from vandal resistant, stainless steel models to sleek tablet version. You can also use the type of kiosk, according to the place of installation. The type of visitor management kiosk varies from the wall mount, desktop to the pedestal one.

Specialised Kiosk-based Visitor Management Systems And Their Functioning

Visitor management system having self-badging kiosk is an important system for the management of visitors at a site. The system provides a temporary ID badge to the visitors which they wear at a facility where identification is required. It represents the identity of the visitor themselves, the contract they represent, the name of the company that granted their access and a photo.

It allows the institution to keep track of visitors when they are in the building. Using this, staff can make sure that if they have wandered out of the area of access.

Touchscreen-based kiosks are even more reliable. They can operate on their own with little training.

Some other personalised systems can easily predict the time of exit of each visitor. Knowing this, facilities can keep count on the number of visitors present inside the premises.

To sum up, visitor management systems are the need for today’s security organisations. Such systems are a must for prosperity and success of programs which requires considerable management. Kiosk-based visitor tracking systems represent a great technological approach for visitor authorisations.

Entrymon – Seamlessly Customisable Digital Gate Pass App

While you have a manual visitor management kiosk at reception, you can easily transform that into a digital system by integrating the Entrymon app. The visitor gate entry app solves all the visitor management dilemmas and offers a highly customisable system in front of you. It provides a full range and versatile application to housing societies, industries, parking lots at malls and hospitals and valet parking at hotels.

Entrymon is designed to work the way you want. The digital gate pass app allows you to have control over it as per your facility policies and track and record visitor information within seconds. The app is much more effective, secure and cost-effective than other unmanned visitor tracking kiosks.

So, get the app now and make your reception desk more productive!

New ways of securing your company, offices, campuses & housing societies

Managing visitor entry in large companies, corporate offices, campuses or housing societies is no easy task. While there are lots of people moving in and out of the premises, it is impossible to restrict, keep a record of every visitor and make informed decisions with a manual visitor management system. Although the old manual visitor entry system with a few security guards at the duty can fail miserably, it is still prevalent. The manual system of keeping the records with a visitor log book is risky for the facility management and at the same time, not environment-friendly. So, keeping the manual system aside, let us talk about the digital visitor management systems.

A digital visitor entry system is a technology that tracks everyone who enters a building or any facility premises. As technology advances, there are different types of visitor tracking systems surfacing the market. But so far the security cameras or CCTV and security alarms or motion detectors are the most popular one.

Do You Expect CCTV Cameras To Be 100% Effective?

If we talk about CCTV cameras they have caught up a lot of controversies worldwide as they are keen on keeping eye on everyone who enters a building – not just the visitors. Considering the other aspects of CCTV, if you are thinking to install one for visitor entry system it is going to cost you thousands depending on its features and the number of cameras and monitoring systems you opt for. Besides, installing them and maintaining them over time is an additional investment as you need a professional who has good knowledge of the wiring systems.

But the most important aspect of a CCTV system is that it is most likely to be vulnerable. If we as users are able to stay updated with the latest developments in security systems, it is not surprising that even intruders and criminals are doing the same thing. In fact, there are tech-savvy criminals who can hack a visitor management system like CCTV by working out ways to disable or disconnect them from the power source.

What About The Motion Detectors?

Motion detector also used as a security alarm is a system that is designed to detect intrusion or an unauthorized entry into a facility or premises. They are used in residential, commercial, industrial as well as military properties to protect the place from burglary, property damage or protection against the entry of illegal visitors.

There are different types of motion detectors that are used in visitor management systems including active and passive that sense the movement of an intruder either by injecting energy, light or sound in the surrounding environment.

There are a lot of advantages of a motion detector like it is easy to install, can be used to detect motion in light and dark conditions and can help the security in detecting suspicious visitors. However, there are potential disadvantages too. Active motion detectors emit high-frequency radio waves that are harmful to humans whereas passive infrared detectors can sense an illegal entry only in 10 meters range and cannot sense very slow movement.

The New Normal For Digital Visitor Management System

To keep the environment in housing societies, companies, and even malls safe, secure and comfortable it is important to keep track of who is entering the premises. In addition, there a lot of scenarios associated with it. For a visitor management system to be proactive, it is essential to record the identity of the visitor, know if the visitor is invited or not and have traceable records that show who visited and when.

CCTV cameras and motion detectors have their application limited to just keeping track on illegal entry of visitors. They cannot be deployed for proactive management of visitor entries. Having understood the pros and cons of the old digital visitor tracking system and need to have a more robust solution, we have introduced Entrymon app – the new normal for digital visitor entry system.

Entrymon is a digital gate pass application that provides a simple and user-friendly platform for visitor registration, authentication and authorization. The mobile app for gate pass has been essentially designed to solve the visitor management problems within any facility. Entrymon replaces the big and bulky trend of deploying CCTV and motion detector and provides an easy-to-handle mobile digital gate pass app.

Entrymon App Benefits:

  • A universal application for all types of entries both for hosts and the visitors with a switchable context.
  • Notifies host about a visitor at Gate and enables the host to block, report spam or welcome the visitor.
  • Protects premises from illegal entries by reading and verifying recorded history.
  • Enhances security guard system by enabling guards to enforce security.
  • Allows security guards to capture visitor images.
  • Makes entry simple for visitors by allowing them just by scanning their QR code.
  • Records unlimited visits and keeps a record of visitors with image and other necessary details that can help in tracking the visitor later.
  • A comprehensive application for pay and park system, allowing parking with just scanning the QR code.
  • Determine your requirements and customize Entrymon as per your policies.

The Entrymon digital gate pass app is designed to suit every facility from small to large. It is reliable, saves papers and is very cheap to maintain. So, download the app now and get out of all the visitor management system woes!

Are CCTV enough for your visitor tracking?

Security has become the first criteria for people nowadays, before purchasing a residential flat in housing society or any office in any commercial building. Everyone first checks for security mechanisms be it CCTV, or toughness and alertness of security guards at the gate etc. From a long period of time, for security purposes, CCTVs are being used extensively but question is, do they provide complete solution and address all the problems related to visitor management.

What is actually required in today’s time is a complete digitised visitor management system. A system which digitalizes all the data and let the owner or office management have an accurate record and track of the visitors entering the system.

CCTV requires security guards too, to record personal information of the visitors and verify their authenticity, as CCTVs can only take the picture or recording of what’s going on in an area and who all came in and went out with date and time.

So there is a need of digitalised gate security or visitors tracking system, and a one stop solution for all these is a security guard application which manages gate entry system for housing societies, offices, hotels, malls, valet & pay & park system. These are mobile application for gate pass and they are superior to CCTV. Let us understand the benefits of such application and how are they superior to CCTV:

  • It is a gate entry system to have a record of visitors in a housing society. It gives the host the details about who has come to visit them and also records other details like time, date, name etc. It clicks the pictures of the visitors too and sends them to the host.
  • It makes tracking more easy and comprehensive in industries, corporate offices and companies as it gives the feature of multi entry tracking system.
  • It is more than just digital gate pass, being one-in-all application for all sorts of valet and pay and parking facility in malls, hospitals etc.Such applications generate visitor identity cards which they just have to scan to get in.
  • It gives the verified and detailed history of the previous records of visitors so no need to worry about fake and bogus entry. It even gives readable record to the host.
  • It also gives a unique feature to the host of blocking the visitor, reporting as spam. On the other hand, it prioritizes visitors too, may be selecting or giving priority to only those guests who have advance booking at the hotel.
  • These applications also boasts of and are proficient in complete data security and privacy with features of data encryption and hashing.
  • It make security smarter by digitalising all the information and most importantly it decreases the usage of paper.
  • It is easy and time-saving for visitors too as they only have to scan the unique QR code and that’s all. They don’t even have to manually give all the details.
  • It can record images and details of unlimited visitors and can give you all the history in one click which eliminates security breach.
  • Most important part of this application is, you can customize the entry system and visitors management system according to your needs and requirements.

All the above mentioned are the direct or visible features of the application. There are many emotional benefits too as it relaxes the host as they are assured to be notified whenever and whosoever visits them. All the information can be made available to the system owner on mobile phone. So they have 24*7 access to all the information be it present or past. These are novel and one-of-a-kind application to resolve the issues related to visitor management and tracking. There are only one or two providers of this application in India.

Out of them one is Entrymon which is superior of all. The backend support of this application is commendable. The installation process of entrymon is also very easy and convenient. Its unique feature is that it can be integrated and adapted across all platforms. It is a new generation technology and works best to resolve the complex issue of security and visitor management. It works like a one man army securing, recording, generating ID card, managing parking etc of your visitors.

Digital ways to save paper

The world is excited about the paperless revolution, that is about to disrupt the way we transact. Cloud, block-chain and artificial intelligence are acting as role players in this transformation. It will take some more years for the global paperless economy to emerge. But we can bring this change in our immediate environment!

Digitization is a boon in many ways. First, it gives us the option to save papers and eventually save the environment. Second, doing this helps us improve our bottom line. So let’s explore simple yet effective ways to save paper. The digital visitor management system is just one of them!

Think Before You Print

Thanks to digital printing technology that is helping our business processes for decades. But today, when digital technology has moved to a new level, we need to think before we print. Printing is one of the biggest reasons for paper consumption. It is inconvenient and even expensive with the use of ink cartridges and printing papers. There are better ways to record and keep track of information – with access from any part of the world.

E-mail – This is one of the easiest ways people can use for communication and announcements. Instead of using memos and faxes to broadcast important messages, businesses can use a group email system. Companies can email documents in bulk instead of sending printed copies for review and editing purpose. It is an efficient and inexpensive option for targeted communications.

PDF – Often, people print e-mails and web pages when they need them to refer later. So, instead of printing e-mails and web pages, print them directly to PDF. PDF files are available for access from any device without the need for printing.

Data Compression Software – Storing huge piles of paper documents in cabinets and storage rooms is a waste of space. It also leads to clutter and inconvenience of going through each file when you need to find one. Hence, deploying electronic archive such as data compression software is the best way to file documents. The system allows a password-protected access to important documents, databases and presentations.

Digital Gate Pass System – Many visitor management systems issue ID cards each time a visitor comes for a visit. This method is inefficient in a way that it increases the administrative costs for a facility. Essentially, it also increases printing when a better option is already available. A digital visitor tracking system, valet parking apps, pay and parking systems are better ways to protect properties.

Digital Attendance Systems – Organisations and businesses can opt for digital systems to mark the attendance of the employees. Using the log in books for attendance is not effective and efficient. There are ways people can tamper with them. Hence, use secure and effective systems such as fingerprint system, face recognition, digital boards, and touchscreens to record the attendance of employees.

Digital Signature – Electronic signature system allows you to sign documents and contracts digitally. It eliminates the need to print a document, sign it, scan it and then file it back via email. The digital signature is another way to use it as attendance systems.

Online billing – Paying bills through mobile devices has gained tremendous popularity. Dozens of mobile apps help you pay bills online. This allows you to double-check bills paid several months back and even add up the expense for taxes.

Digital Advertisements – Reaching out to prospective consumers through digital ways of advertisements is gaining momentum. Spending too much on print media including billboards, pamphlets and newspapers is not a good option. It is easier to attract people online with personalised digital advertisement options like email marketing, video ads and social media platforms.

Entrymon – A Prominent New Idea For Visitor Management System

Every visitor management system has a basic desire – a secure environment to work, live and play. In a security-focused world, it has become much more important to take preventive measures to keep personnel, assets and premises safe. In such a case, do you think printed visitor cards could be the solution? Printable visitor cards expire with time and facilities need to spend constantly on printing.

Therefore, to meet the latest security-related demands of visitor management systems, we have come up with a prominent new idea. Entrymon, our digital gate pass app records visitor entry, purpose and even prior appointments. It saves on printable visitor badges and allows you to store and track visitor information anytime anywhere.

As contributors to the visitor management system, we support the demand for printable visitor cards. But essentially, we do not recommend its use. As we are moving into a more tech-driven world, it is important that we switch to optimized digital systems. Entrymon is just one of them!

Unknown Visitor bigger risk

Visitors are a common sight at corporate workplaces, factories, schools, hospitals, housing societies, and many more facilities to count. In the case of places like recreation centres, malls and other retail outlets, visitors are the main focus of the business – generally encouraged.
Considering the wider scope of the visitor entry in the urban settlements, there are potential risks associated, if a complete visitor management system is not in place. Let us look at those risks in brief.

Unknown Visitors Could Be A Threat

When we talk about visitors in general, there may be new faces entering a facility for the first time. This is a common scenario seen in every small to large facilities. When we talk about an unknown visitor, they may be genuine or illegal.

Now, how an unknown visitor with bad intentions may get entry into a facility? Unknown visitors may enter false information about themselves including their name, workplace or residential address at the gate and even provide false information as to whom they want to meet. Especially, when manual visitor management systems are in place, unknown visitors may enter their information in the logbook in illegible writing. Or, they may ignore to sign out while distracting the security guards. There are companies and corporate offices that issue gate pass to the visitors. In such cases, illegal visitors may misuse gate pass to gain access to the facility and use it repeatedly.

When illegal visitors gain access to facilities these are the general risks that have actually been reported to have taken place in different parts of the country.

  • Incidents of theft and loss of valuable assets from all types of small to large private/public organisations and residential apartments.
  • Child abuse and child abduction in schools and housing societies.
  • The lifting of newborn babies from hospitals.
  • Loss of sensitive patient information from hospitals.
  • Physical violence and terrorist attacks in malls and other public facilities.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that security breaches do not happen suddenly in a single attempt. Thieves, sexual predators, criminals or terrorists conduct surveillance of visitor entry systems before targeting them.

Entrymon – Digital Gate Pass App For Ultimate Security And Safety

Violence at the workplace, global terrorism, sexual abuse, industrial espionage and theft threaten the security and safety of human life and property. All these are not rare incidents happening around the world or in the country. In fact, such incidents are recurrent headlines in news media. Remember, all this happens when a visitor gets entry into a facility. So, the above-discussed risks clearly shout out that digital visitor management system is not just important but an inevitable requirement. Because, digital visitor entry system, especially a complete one with the most advanced features can easily help in making and tracking accurate visitor information and enhance security.

Entrymon, our digital gate pass app has been designed just to do that. Entrymon adds another powerful layer of security in any gated community which includes:

Manages access to the premises by registering and tracking information on who is present inside a building at any given point of time.
Captures and keeps an accurate record of all the required details of a visitor such as a picture, personal information, signature, identity-card, business cards etc.
Performs distinguished security checks by authenticating visitor ID or credentials in reference to the pre-recorded watch list.
Maintains the complete database of a visitor pass issued along with its date of issue and expiry.
Stays at the top of the security in pay and park systems by registering and tracking the exit and entry of vehicles along with the wait time and usage while keeping a record of vehicle information.

Versatile Application

  • Digital gate pass app
  • Security guard app
  • Valet parking app
  • Park and pay system app
  • Reception kiosk app
  • Visitor ID card generator
  • Security kiosk app

Other Advantages Of Digital Visitor Management System to track unknown visitors

  1. Enhances operational efficiency – Visitors or guests can be pre-registered and their information can be tracked anytime when required. The app integrates with the facilities email and security system thereby increasing operational efficiency.
  2. Improves guest support – Entrymon registers visitors quickly allowing them to scan QR code and let them feel catered to.
  3. Augments emergency response strategy – In the incidence of an emergency, Entrymon enables you to have access to visitor information just with a single click while it also sends alerts to a facility’s security management if any suspicious activity is detected.

There is much more to explore in Entrymon – the digital gate pass app for every occasion and any entry situation. It is time that we upgrade our visitor management systems to safeguard our people and community from social offenders.

If you want to enwrap your facility with a real-steel security and visitor entry system, download the app now!

Save Environment, Go Digital

“Go paperless, save the trees!” This has become a common slogan for the global digital market that claims to be greener than paper. But are the claims true? Because the centuries-old paper industry believes there is a lack of adequate research in the digital assumptions.

Logically, both paper and digital technology have benefits for consumers recognizing various aspects. Paper and digital technology are two sides of the same coin if we consider a technology such as printers. But we as consumers shouldn’t take both paper and digital technology for granted. Consider your requirements and choose the option that reaps maximum benefits. In the visitor management system case, we assure you that going digital will end up giving you optimum results.

The Dark Side Of Using Papers

The over-exploitation of paper has driven the paper industry to become the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world. This is leading to a huge adverse impact on the environment while companies are increasing their carbon footprint. About 253 gallons of fossil fuel, goes into producing one-ton of paper. So, if you opt for a digital visitor management system following are the environmental benefits you contribute to

1. Conservation Of Trees – Manufacture of paper comes with deforestation. Trees at the center of earth’s natural ecosystem play a critical role in absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen – purifying the atmosphere. So, it would not be wrong to say that trees are compensating for things we are ruining as manufacturers and consumers.

2. Reduction Of Pollution – Paper manufacturing is one of the primary causes of pollution. Production of one ton of paper results in over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions. So, using less paper will ultimately reduce the pollutants in the atmosphere.

3. Reduction Of Transport – Transportation of paper/documents from one place to another calls for the use of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases.

4. Conservation Of Water – Production of just one piece of A4 size paper drinks up about 10 liters of water. When the world is already fighting the water crisis, it is not worth wasting such a huge amount of water.

5. Less Use Of Ink – Even the production of ink requires the use of fossil fuels harmful to the environment. Majority of the inks contain chemicals toxic to the environment.

Traditional Visitor Management System – Not Worth A Solution
The traditional visitor entry system involves the use of sign-in books where the security guards or a receptionist would maintain the record of visitors. When a visitor arrives, they jot down their details in the book including their name, address, phone number, time of arrival and departure. Such a manual visitor management system requires the use of ink and paper both. Over time, an organisation has to keep a huge record of sign-in books. This ultimately raises a question on data storage and security, as books are destroyable. Do you still use the visitor management system? Then it is not just taking a toll on the environment and the trees but also putting your property at great risk.

Entrymon – The Best Solution To Go Digital

For visitor tracking system, digitization is a boon. Along with the conservation of paper it reaps maximum benefits in terms of safety and security.

Entrymon, our digital gate pass mobile app is on the track to help every kind of property, be it domestic or commercial, with the best visitor management system.

How Entrymon Substantiates The Benefits Of Going Paperless?

1. The gate pass system eliminates the chances of errors and provides a property with the freedom to record more visitor information than ever before.

2. Using the app allows reception staff to be more productive by looking after other important tasks.

3. Entrymon speeds up the sign-in time by allowing guests and visitors to enter the premises just by scanning their QR codes.

4. The security guard app stores all the visitor information safely and allows the property to access visitor information whenever necessary.

5. The app provides access to sensitive visitor information only to the allowed people. So there is no way anyone else can have access to the app.

6. The digital gate pass app makes the entire visitor management system more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient.

7. With digital visitor entry system like Entrymon, a property can reduce its administrative costs by opting for an unmanned system. Estimates even show that businesses that go for digital systems (ditching the use of papers) can enhance their bottom lines significantly.

We don’t offend the use of papers. Let papers do their jobs in areas where their use is of utmost importance. But with visitor management system, it is crucial to go digital. So download the app now!

Security with Security Gaurds

Security with Security Guards

The work of a visitor management system is to record the usage of the facilities or the equipment of the public buildings or residential societies, by particular visitors. In addition, it provides confirmation against a visitor’s identity while protecting the property from illegal visitors.

It is obvious that for such a system to function well, facilities need security guards or someone at the gate. They register the details of the visitors and watch out for emerging danger. To reduce the risk of malfunctioning in the visitor management system, a security guard is a must. Even a receptionist can play a vital role in this service. He can refer to the inquiries of visitors and maintain the security.

But for a strict security, is it enough to deploy just a man at the gate? Can he handle the security of the entire facility well? Genuinely, he can’t! There is always some lapse of security in keeping a man as a security guard when the entire responsibility is put on him. The guard will not be able to support strict security in many ways. In fact, this holds good for one or more security guards at a kiosk for visitor entry.

The following problems may arise with the guards:

  1. The guard cannot remember everything. Naturally, a human mind cannot remember each and everything it sees and recognizes. The memories get faded with the passage of time.
  2. Their qualifications may not be fit to perform this duty. Training and skills are key to proactive security guard job. Humility and smoothness should be part of his behaviour along with a vigilant attitude.
  3. They may not do their work properly, i.e., they may not be sincere and loyal. There may be faults in their intentions.
  4. They may not be able to read and understand what the visitor has written in the registers.
  5. It may be that they cannot verify the visitors on occasions. A guard can fail in working effectively when he has to record a huge visitor population.
  6. The problems happen at the time when the duties of these guards change or if, for some reason, they quit the job. They would go with that critical information which they had captured in their minds about the visitors. This information matters a lot when something goes wrong.

Altogether, it means that a security guard or a receptionist cannot live up to every expectation of a powerful visitor management system without any supporting medium. A security guard may be fallible to some degree, but he can make his work splendid by the use of latest technology.

So, a digital visitor management system helps to overcome the drawbacks of the guards and strengthen the security of a property. This can increase the overall performance of the guards. The tools and techniques like CCTV cameras, fingerprint and visitor registration apps can help the guards to register and store all the information accurately. This system can make them smarter and can empower them. It can track visitors and visitor information for security purpose. It can capture photos to identify the visitors while minimising the risk of intruders.

To sum up, a visitor management system is incomplete without digitalisation. Such system registers the details of the visitor on a piece of paper which can store only some data at a time. Clearly, it reveals that a security system cannot operate at its optimum, without a digital support. So to boost up the efficiency of a security system, technology is essential. It provides security guards with the capability to increase their working potential. Thus, a digital tracking system surfaces as an indispensable resource for better visitor management.

Entrymon – Empowering Security Guards With Innovative Technology

Large properties invest millions in digital visitor entry systems such as CCTV, access control systems, Cyber-security systems and even security guards. Yet, on some occasions, facilities allow visitors to register with any name (with no identity proof). A robust digital gate pass app such as Entrymon, looks into such matters vigilantly and never allows a visitor management system to operate with flaws.

Besides, Entrymon operates as a security guard app allowing security guards to work with utmost caution. With Entrymon, security guards can register visitor information on their arrival and e-mail the details (including photo) to the host. The app stores this information for future use and enables security guards to allow or deny entry with the help of the gate pass system.

Whether it is a reception kiosk or a security kiosk at the gate, Entrymon can aid security guards in performing their work with efficiency and accuracy.

Welcome to Entrymon

Welcome to Entrymon App, stay updated with latest news and articles about us.

We are happy to announce the launch of “Entrymon” mobile app for digital entry record of your visitors.

Entrymon is all in one app for several purposes and several applications like digital entry tracking, gate entry.