• June 3, 2018
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Security has become the first criteria for people nowadays, before purchasing a residential flat in housing society or any office in any commercial building. Everyone first checks for security mechanisms be it CCTV, or toughness and alertness of security guards at the gate etc. From a long period of time, for security purposes, CCTVs are being used extensively but question is, do they provide complete solution and address all the problems related to visitor management.

What is actually required in today’s time is a complete digitised visitor management system. A system which digitalizes all the data and let the owner or office management have an accurate record and track of the visitors entering the system.

CCTV requires security guards too, to record personal information of the visitors and verify their authenticity, as CCTVs can only take the picture or recording of what’s going on in an area and who all came in and went out with date and time.

So there is a need of digitalised gate security or visitors tracking system, and a one stop solution for all these is a security guard application which manages gate entry system for housing societies, offices, hotels, malls, valet & pay & park system. These are mobile application for gate pass and they are superior to CCTV. Let us understand the benefits of such application and how are they superior to CCTV:

  • It is a gate entry system to have a record of visitors in a housing society. It gives the host the details about who has come to visit them and also records other details like time, date, name etc. It clicks the pictures of the visitors too and sends them to the host.
  • It makes tracking more easy and comprehensive in industries, corporate offices and companies as it gives the feature of multi entry tracking system.
  • It is more than just digital gate pass, being one-in-all application for all sorts of valet and pay and parking facility in malls, hospitals etc.Such applications generate visitor identity cards which they just have to scan to get in.
  • It gives the verified and detailed history of the previous records of visitors so no need to worry about fake and bogus entry. It even gives readable record to the host.
  • It also gives a unique feature to the host of blocking the visitor, reporting as spam. On the other hand, it prioritizes visitors too, may be selecting or giving priority to only those guests who have advance booking at the hotel.
  • These applications also boasts of and are proficient in complete data security and privacy with features of data encryption and hashing.
  • It make security smarter by digitalising all the information and most importantly it decreases the usage of paper.
  • It is easy and time-saving for visitors too as they only have to scan the unique QR code and that’s all. They don’t even have to manually give all the details.
  • It can record images and details of unlimited visitors and can give you all the history in one click which eliminates security breach.
  • Most important part of this application is, you can customize the entry system and visitors management system according to your needs and requirements.

All the above mentioned are the direct or visible features of the application. There are many emotional benefits too as it relaxes the host as they are assured to be notified whenever and whosoever visits them. All the information can be made available to the system owner on mobile phone. So they have 24*7 access to all the information be it present or past. These are novel and one-of-a-kind application to resolve the issues related to visitor management and tracking. There are only one or two providers of this application in India.

Out of them one is Entrymon which is superior of all. The backend support of this application is commendable. The installation process of entrymon is also very easy and convenient. Its unique feature is that it can be integrated and adapted across all platforms. It is a new generation technology and works best to resolve the complex issue of security and visitor management. It works like a one man army securing, recording, generating ID card, managing parking etc of your visitors.