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Digital ways to save paper - Entrymon App
  • June 3, 2018
  • admin
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The world is excited about the paperless revolution, that is about to disrupt the way we transact. Cloud, block-chain and artificial intelligence are acting as role players in this transformation. It will take some more years for the global paperless economy to emerge. But we can bring this change in our immediate environment!

Digitization is a boon in many ways. First, it gives us the option to save papers and eventually save the environment. Second, doing this helps us improve our bottom line. So let’s explore simple yet effective ways to save paper. The digital visitor management system is just one of them!

Think Before You Print

Thanks to digital printing technology that is helping our business processes for decades. But today, when digital technology has moved to a new level, we need to think before we print. Printing is one of the biggest reasons for paper consumption. It is inconvenient and even expensive with the use of ink cartridges and printing papers. There are better ways to record and keep track of information – with access from any part of the world.

E-mail – This is one of the easiest ways people can use for communication and announcements. Instead of using memos and faxes to broadcast important messages, businesses can use a group email system. Companies can email documents in bulk instead of sending printed copies for review and editing purpose. It is an efficient and inexpensive option for targeted communications.

PDF – Often, people print e-mails and web pages when they need them to refer later. So, instead of printing e-mails and web pages, print them directly to PDF. PDF files are available for access from any device without the need for printing.

Data Compression Software – Storing huge piles of paper documents in cabinets and storage rooms is a waste of space. It also leads to clutter and inconvenience of going through each file when you need to find one. Hence, deploying electronic archive such as data compression software is the best way to file documents. The system allows a password-protected access to important documents, databases and presentations.

Digital Gate Pass System – Many visitor management systems issue ID cards each time a visitor comes for a visit. This method is inefficient in a way that it increases the administrative costs for a facility. Essentially, it also increases printing when a better option is already available. A digital visitor tracking system, valet parking apps, pay and parking systems are better ways to protect properties.

Digital Attendance Systems – Organisations and businesses can opt for digital systems to mark the attendance of the employees. Using the log in books for attendance is not effective and efficient. There are ways people can tamper with them. Hence, use secure and effective systems such as fingerprint system, face recognition, digital boards, and touchscreens to record the attendance of employees.

Digital Signature – Electronic signature system allows you to sign documents and contracts digitally. It eliminates the need to print a document, sign it, scan it and then file it back via email. The digital signature is another way to use it as attendance systems.

Online billing – Paying bills through mobile devices has gained tremendous popularity. Dozens of mobile apps help you pay bills online. This allows you to double-check bills paid several months back and even add up the expense for taxes.

Digital Advertisements – Reaching out to prospective consumers through digital ways of advertisements is gaining momentum. Spending too much on print media including billboards, pamphlets and newspapers is not a good option. It is easier to attract people online with personalised digital advertisement options like email marketing, video ads and social media platforms.

Entrymon – A Prominent New Idea For Visitor Management System

Every visitor management system has a basic desire – a secure environment to work, live and play. In a security-focused world, it has become much more important to take preventive measures to keep personnel, assets and premises safe. In such a case, do you think printed visitor cards could be the solution? Printable visitor cards expire with time and facilities need to spend constantly on printing.

Therefore, to meet the latest security-related demands of visitor management systems, we have come up with a prominent new idea. Entrymon, our digital gate pass app records visitor entry, purpose and even prior appointments. It saves on printable visitor badges and allows you to store and track visitor information anytime anywhere.

As contributors to the visitor management system, we support the demand for printable visitor cards. But essentially, we do not recommend its use. As we are moving into a more tech-driven world, it is important that we switch to optimized digital systems. Entrymon is just one of them!