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New Micro systems that your enterprise needs - Entrymon App
  • June 3, 2018
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Are you a business owner? If yes, then you know that running a business calls for multiple responsibilities. Starting from resource management to customer loyalty, there are miscellaneous tasks to be accomplished. But today, the most challenging task is to stay ahead in the competition. With the advent of advanced technologies, businesses are increasingly adopting microsystems. These microsystems are used as a tool to meet specific business requirements efficiently. They help in eliminating human error, maintaining consistency, enhancing costs while reducing workload. All in all, these microsystems add a competitive edge to your business.

So, have a look at the latest microsystems that will surely prove to be the most important assets for business efficiency.

Microsystems For Every Business

To begin with, a visitor management system (VMS) is one of the most critical microsystems for a business. Because if a robust VMS is not in place, it is most likely that deployment of other microsystems may go in vain. For example, if an illegal visitor enters your business premises, he may create a threatening situation. Hence, for a holistic business solution, it is important to deploy an effective visitor tracking system. Apart from this, there are microsystems dedicated to internal business operations as follows:

1. SAP – Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing is popularly known as SAP. SAP provides a strong solution to companies. It aids in managing human resources, financials, logistics, and other operations effectively.

2. SAP ERP – ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system that serves as a spine for SAP. SAP and ERP are used together to support complex business functionalities. Generally, the microsystem is structured in a three-tier client/server design. Professionals, recommend the three-tier system as it operates with high flexibility and scalability. The three-tier system comprises presentation that provides a user interface, the application that enables business logic and database that stores business information.

3. Business Intelligence (BI) – The BI is a data-driven microsystem that consists of technologies, applications and practices. The entire system works towards capturing, synchronising, analysing and presenting business information. Specifically, BI helps businesses in making informed decisions. It provides historical, present and predictive viewpoints of business processes. Furthermore, it manages all kinds of data related to production, sales, finance, and performance management. Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) is a microsystem that includes data analytics and business systems. It allows business end-users to gain insights into an enterprise’s information without straight IT interference.

4. Supply Chain Management (SCM) – As the name suggests, supply chain management software is a microsystem that takes care of business processes at every stage. This broadly includes designing, manufacturing, production, procurement, distribution and sales. SCM aids in carrying out transactions while maintaining supplier relationships and control of associated operations. Additionally, SCM also keeps a record of inventory, goods receipts and warehouse management.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Customer relationship is at the heart of any business organisation. For the same, microsystems such as CRM play a vital role in meeting the comprehensive goals of customer relationship management. The microsystem enables companies to personalise customer service by keeping a record of purchase history and prior interaction with the company. With the deployment of CRM, companies can gain actionable insights. This helps in exploring business opportunities, conduct predictive analysis and streamline operations easily. Besides, there is much more CRM can handle including marketing, track leads, automate sales and more.

What Role Does Entrymon Play As A Commercial Visitor Management Microsystem?

Genuinely, technologies such as SAP, CSM, CRM etc. are not comprehensive in nature. Naturally, each one of it performs duties they are meant to do. They cannot track everything. So, when it comes to tracking assets, entering and exiting a business facility, a visitor management system becomes an important deployment. Here, our digital entry tracking application, Entrymon, comes into play!

Entrymon is a complete digital gate pass microsystem that keeps an eagle eye on every visitor, material or vehicle entering your business premises. It captures all the vital details and maintains it accurately. The visitor entry system has a user-friendly interface that enables you to perform vital activities in the app easily. For businesses, the biggest advantage of Entrymon is that it is customisable. This means that any enterprise can deploy the visitor management system according to their business policies. There are no obligations!

With the integration of Entrymon, it is evident that all other microsystems will be able to maintain everything comprehensively. So, download the app now and own a powerful fence of microsystems to protect and improve your business fortress!