• June 3, 2018
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Managing visitor entry in large companies, corporate offices, campuses or housing societies is no easy task. While there are lots of people moving in and out of the premises, it is impossible to restrict, keep a record of every visitor and make informed decisions with a manual visitor management system. Although the old manual visitor entry system with a few security guards at the duty can fail miserably, it is still prevalent. The manual system of keeping the records with a visitor log book is risky for the facility management and at the same time, not environment-friendly. So, keeping the manual system aside, let us talk about the digital visitor management systems.

A digital visitor entry system is a technology that tracks everyone who enters a building or any facility premises. As technology advances, there are different types of visitor tracking systems surfacing the market. But so far the security cameras or CCTV and security alarms or motion detectors are the most popular one.

Do You Expect CCTV Cameras To Be 100% Effective?

If we talk about CCTV cameras they have caught up a lot of controversies worldwide as they are keen on keeping eye on everyone who enters a building – not just the visitors. Considering the other aspects of CCTV, if you are thinking to install one for visitor entry system it is going to cost you thousands depending on its features and the number of cameras and monitoring systems you opt for. Besides, installing them and maintaining them over time is an additional investment as you need a professional who has good knowledge of the wiring systems.

But the most important aspect of a CCTV system is that it is most likely to be vulnerable. If we as users are able to stay updated with the latest developments in security systems, it is not surprising that even intruders and criminals are doing the same thing. In fact, there are tech-savvy criminals who can hack a visitor management system like CCTV by working out ways to disable or disconnect them from the power source.

What About The Motion Detectors?

Motion detector also used as a security alarm is a system that is designed to detect intrusion or an unauthorized entry into a facility or premises. They are used in residential, commercial, industrial as well as military properties to protect the place from burglary, property damage or protection against the entry of illegal visitors.

There are different types of motion detectors that are used in visitor management systems including active and passive that sense the movement of an intruder either by injecting energy, light or sound in the surrounding environment.

There are a lot of advantages of a motion detector like it is easy to install, can be used to detect motion in light and dark conditions and can help the security in detecting suspicious visitors. However, there are potential disadvantages too. Active motion detectors emit high-frequency radio waves that are harmful to humans whereas passive infrared detectors can sense an illegal entry only in 10 meters range and cannot sense very slow movement.

The New Normal For Digital Visitor Management System

To keep the environment in housing societies, companies, and even malls safe, secure and comfortable it is important to keep track of who is entering the premises. In addition, there a lot of scenarios associated with it. For a visitor management system to be proactive, it is essential to record the identity of the visitor, know if the visitor is invited or not and have traceable records that show who visited and when.

CCTV cameras and motion detectors have their application limited to just keeping track on illegal entry of visitors. They cannot be deployed for proactive management of visitor entries. Having understood the pros and cons of the old digital visitor tracking system and need to have a more robust solution, we have introduced Entrymon app – the new normal for digital visitor entry system.

Entrymon is a digital gate pass application that provides a simple and user-friendly platform for visitor registration, authentication and authorization. The mobile app for gate pass has been essentially designed to solve the visitor management problems within any facility. Entrymon replaces the big and bulky trend of deploying CCTV and motion detector and provides an easy-to-handle mobile digital gate pass app.

Entrymon App Benefits:

  • A universal application for all types of entries both for hosts and the visitors with a switchable context.
  • Notifies host about a visitor at Gate and enables the host to block, report spam or welcome the visitor.
  • Protects premises from illegal entries by reading and verifying recorded history.
  • Enhances security guard system by enabling guards to enforce security.
  • Allows security guards to capture visitor images.
  • Makes entry simple for visitors by allowing them just by scanning their QR code.
  • Records unlimited visits and keeps a record of visitors with image and other necessary details that can help in tracking the visitor later.
  • A comprehensive application for pay and park system, allowing parking with just scanning the QR code.
  • Determine your requirements and customize Entrymon as per your policies.

The Entrymon digital gate pass app is designed to suit every facility from small to large. It is reliable, saves papers and is very cheap to maintain. So, download the app now and get out of all the visitor management system woes!