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Save Environment, Go Digital - Entrymon App
  • June 3, 2018
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“Go paperless, save the trees!” This has become a common slogan for the global digital market that claims to be greener than paper. But are the claims true? Because the centuries-old paper industry believes there is a lack of adequate research in the digital assumptions.

Logically, both paper and digital technology have benefits for consumers recognizing various aspects. Paper and digital technology are two sides of the same coin if we consider a technology such as printers. But we as consumers shouldn’t take both paper and digital technology for granted. Consider your requirements and choose the option that reaps maximum benefits. In the visitor management system case, we assure you that going digital will end up giving you optimum results.

The Dark Side Of Using Papers

The over-exploitation of paper has driven the paper industry to become the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world. This is leading to a huge adverse impact on the environment while companies are increasing their carbon footprint. About 253 gallons of fossil fuel, goes into producing one-ton of paper. So, if you opt for a digital visitor management system following are the environmental benefits you contribute to

1. Conservation Of Trees – Manufacture of paper comes with deforestation. Trees at the center of earth’s natural ecosystem play a critical role in absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen – purifying the atmosphere. So, it would not be wrong to say that trees are compensating for things we are ruining as manufacturers and consumers.

2. Reduction Of Pollution – Paper manufacturing is one of the primary causes of pollution. Production of one ton of paper results in over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions. So, using less paper will ultimately reduce the pollutants in the atmosphere.

3. Reduction Of Transport – Transportation of paper/documents from one place to another calls for the use of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases.

4. Conservation Of Water – Production of just one piece of A4 size paper drinks up about 10 liters of water. When the world is already fighting the water crisis, it is not worth wasting such a huge amount of water.

5. Less Use Of Ink – Even the production of ink requires the use of fossil fuels harmful to the environment. Majority of the inks contain chemicals toxic to the environment.

Traditional Visitor Management System – Not Worth A Solution
The traditional visitor entry system involves the use of sign-in books where the security guards or a receptionist would maintain the record of visitors. When a visitor arrives, they jot down their details in the book including their name, address, phone number, time of arrival and departure. Such a manual visitor management system requires the use of ink and paper both. Over time, an organisation has to keep a huge record of sign-in books. This ultimately raises a question on data storage and security, as books are destroyable. Do you still use the visitor management system? Then it is not just taking a toll on the environment and the trees but also putting your property at great risk.

Entrymon – The Best Solution To Go Digital

For visitor tracking system, digitization is a boon. Along with the conservation of paper it reaps maximum benefits in terms of safety and security.

Entrymon, our digital gate pass mobile app is on the track to help every kind of property, be it domestic or commercial, with the best visitor management system.

How Entrymon Substantiates The Benefits Of Going Paperless?

1. The gate pass system eliminates the chances of errors and provides a property with the freedom to record more visitor information than ever before.

2. Using the app allows reception staff to be more productive by looking after other important tasks.

3. Entrymon speeds up the sign-in time by allowing guests and visitors to enter the premises just by scanning their QR codes.

4. The security guard app stores all the visitor information safely and allows the property to access visitor information whenever necessary.

5. The app provides access to sensitive visitor information only to the allowed people. So there is no way anyone else can have access to the app.

6. The digital gate pass app makes the entire visitor management system more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient.

7. With digital visitor entry system like Entrymon, a property can reduce its administrative costs by opting for an unmanned system. Estimates even show that businesses that go for digital systems (ditching the use of papers) can enhance their bottom lines significantly.

We don’t offend the use of papers. Let papers do their jobs in areas where their use is of utmost importance. But with visitor management system, it is crucial to go digital. So download the app now!