• June 3, 2018
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Security with Security Guards

The work of a visitor management system is to record the usage of the facilities or the equipment of the public buildings or residential societies, by particular visitors. In addition, it provides confirmation against a visitor’s identity while protecting the property from illegal visitors.

It is obvious that for such a system to function well, facilities need security guards or someone at the gate. They register the details of the visitors and watch out for emerging danger. To reduce the risk of malfunctioning in the visitor management system, a security guard is a must. Even a receptionist can play a vital role in this service. He can refer to the inquiries of visitors and maintain the security.

But for a strict security, is it enough to deploy just a man at the gate? Can he handle the security of the entire facility well? Genuinely, he can’t! There is always some lapse of security in keeping a man as a security guard when the entire responsibility is put on him. The guard will not be able to support strict security in many ways. In fact, this holds good for one or more security guards at a kiosk for visitor entry.

The following problems may arise with the guards:

  1. The guard cannot remember everything. Naturally, a human mind cannot remember each and everything it sees and recognizes. The memories get faded with the passage of time.
  2. Their qualifications may not be fit to perform this duty. Training and skills are key to proactive security guard job. Humility and smoothness should be part of his behaviour along with a vigilant attitude.
  3. They may not do their work properly, i.e., they may not be sincere and loyal. There may be faults in their intentions.
  4. They may not be able to read and understand what the visitor has written in the registers.
  5. It may be that they cannot verify the visitors on occasions. A guard can fail in working effectively when he has to record a huge visitor population.
  6. The problems happen at the time when the duties of these guards change or if, for some reason, they quit the job. They would go with that critical information which they had captured in their minds about the visitors. This information matters a lot when something goes wrong.

Altogether, it means that a security guard or a receptionist cannot live up to every expectation of a powerful visitor management system without any supporting medium. A security guard may be fallible to some degree, but he can make his work splendid by the use of latest technology.

So, a digital visitor management system helps to overcome the drawbacks of the guards and strengthen the security of a property. This can increase the overall performance of the guards. The tools and techniques like CCTV cameras, fingerprint and visitor registration apps can help the guards to register and store all the information accurately. This system can make them smarter and can empower them. It can track visitors and visitor information for security purpose. It can capture photos to identify the visitors while minimising the risk of intruders.

To sum up, a visitor management system is incomplete without digitalisation. Such system registers the details of the visitor on a piece of paper which can store only some data at a time. Clearly, it reveals that a security system cannot operate at its optimum, without a digital support. So to boost up the efficiency of a security system, technology is essential. It provides security guards with the capability to increase their working potential. Thus, a digital tracking system surfaces as an indispensable resource for better visitor management.

Entrymon – Empowering Security Guards With Innovative Technology

Large properties invest millions in digital visitor entry systems such as CCTV, access control systems, Cyber-security systems and even security guards. Yet, on some occasions, facilities allow visitors to register with any name (with no identity proof). A robust digital gate pass app such as Entrymon, looks into such matters vigilantly and never allows a visitor management system to operate with flaws.

Besides, Entrymon operates as a security guard app allowing security guards to work with utmost caution. With Entrymon, security guards can register visitor information on their arrival and e-mail the details (including photo) to the host. The app stores this information for future use and enables security guards to allow or deny entry with the help of the gate pass system.

Whether it is a reception kiosk or a security kiosk at the gate, Entrymon can aid security guards in performing their work with efficiency and accuracy.