• June 3, 2018
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Visitors are a common sight at corporate workplaces, factories, schools, hospitals, housing societies, and many more facilities to count. In the case of places like recreation centres, malls and other retail outlets, visitors are the main focus of the business – generally encouraged.
Considering the wider scope of the visitor entry in the urban settlements, there are potential risks associated, if a complete visitor management system is not in place. Let us look at those risks in brief.

Unknown Visitors Could Be A Threat

When we talk about visitors in general, there may be new faces entering a facility for the first time. This is a common scenario seen in every small to large facilities. When we talk about an unknown visitor, they may be genuine or illegal.

Now, how an unknown visitor with bad intentions may get entry into a facility? Unknown visitors may enter false information about themselves including their name, workplace or residential address at the gate and even provide false information as to whom they want to meet. Especially, when manual visitor management systems are in place, unknown visitors may enter their information in the logbook in illegible writing. Or, they may ignore to sign out while distracting the security guards. There are companies and corporate offices that issue gate pass to the visitors. In such cases, illegal visitors may misuse gate pass to gain access to the facility and use it repeatedly.

When illegal visitors gain access to facilities these are the general risks that have actually been reported to have taken place in different parts of the country.

  • Incidents of theft and loss of valuable assets from all types of small to large private/public organisations and residential apartments.
  • Child abuse and child abduction in schools and housing societies.
  • The lifting of newborn babies from hospitals.
  • Loss of sensitive patient information from hospitals.
  • Physical violence and terrorist attacks in malls and other public facilities.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that security breaches do not happen suddenly in a single attempt. Thieves, sexual predators, criminals or terrorists conduct surveillance of visitor entry systems before targeting them.

Entrymon – Digital Gate Pass App For Ultimate Security And Safety

Violence at the workplace, global terrorism, sexual abuse, industrial espionage and theft threaten the security and safety of human life and property. All these are not rare incidents happening around the world or in the country. In fact, such incidents are recurrent headlines in news media. Remember, all this happens when a visitor gets entry into a facility. So, the above-discussed risks clearly shout out that digital visitor management system is not just important but an inevitable requirement. Because, digital visitor entry system, especially a complete one with the most advanced features can easily help in making and tracking accurate visitor information and enhance security.

Entrymon, our digital gate pass app has been designed just to do that. Entrymon adds another powerful layer of security in any gated community which includes:

Manages access to the premises by registering and tracking information on who is present inside a building at any given point of time.
Captures and keeps an accurate record of all the required details of a visitor such as a picture, personal information, signature, identity-card, business cards etc.
Performs distinguished security checks by authenticating visitor ID or credentials in reference to the pre-recorded watch list.
Maintains the complete database of a visitor pass issued along with its date of issue and expiry.
Stays at the top of the security in pay and park systems by registering and tracking the exit and entry of vehicles along with the wait time and usage while keeping a record of vehicle information.

Versatile Application

  • Digital gate pass app
  • Security guard app
  • Valet parking app
  • Park and pay system app
  • Reception kiosk app
  • Visitor ID card generator
  • Security kiosk app

Other Advantages Of Digital Visitor Management System to track unknown visitors

  1. Enhances operational efficiency – Visitors or guests can be pre-registered and their information can be tracked anytime when required. The app integrates with the facilities email and security system thereby increasing operational efficiency.
  2. Improves guest support – Entrymon registers visitors quickly allowing them to scan QR code and let them feel catered to.
  3. Augments emergency response strategy РIn the incidence of an emergency, Entrymon enables you to have access to visitor information just with a single click while it also sends alerts to a facility’s security management if any suspicious activity is detected.

There is much more to explore in Entrymon – the digital gate pass app for every occasion and any entry situation. It is time that we upgrade our visitor management systems to safeguard our people and community from social offenders.

If you want to enwrap your facility with a real-steel security and visitor entry system, download the app now!