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Using Kiosk-based Visitor Tracking At Your Office Reception - Entrymon App
  • December 31, 2018
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For an organisation to function well, it is essential to keep track of employees, staff members, contractors and visitors. For visitors, it is crucial to have a robust visitor management system in place. There are various ways of tracking someone or something but kiosk-based visitor tracking is the most popular one. It works to record the usage of facilities and equipment by the visitors of a public building or site. When the system is set up on or near the reception desks, it considers the entry and exit points of the business. This system effectively performs the task of marking the footprints of the visitors.

The visitor management kiosk at reception is a cost-effective way to access control over security at schools, corporate buildings, hospitals, etc. The system is gaining attention and is found installed at many places. Especially, at the places where visitor gathering is huge and a tight security is indispensable.

Basic Use Of Kiosk-based Visitor Tracking

The visitor management system is the safest way to secure your business. However, this system becomes more efficient, accurate and effective with the integration of kiosk. A Kiosk-based visitor management makes the process of check-in and check-out for a business, much more reliable. Here are some basic uses of visitor tracking kiosks:

  1. Along with tracking, it can provide directions to the visitors. These directions will help the visitors to access their place of need easily.
  2. A specified visitor management system based on kiosk can also eliminate the problem of creating a negative image of security personnel on tracking the visitors since it can work secretly.
  3. The kiosk at reception can get each guest’s basic identifying details in a matter of seconds. This makes the staff feel secure that the right visitors are in the right area.

The security kiosk at reception is of two types – manned and unmanned. The unmanned kiosk can be digital or non-digital. The unmanned kiosk-based visitor tracking is increasingly being used for things like hotel check-in, retail sales check out and healthcare screenings in pharmacies.

Every individual business can personalise the kiosks according to their requirement. You can go for the one which fulfils the need of your business. You can select the visitor tracking system as per the requirement of maximum space you want to store in it and the type of your business. You can personalise the system in terms of colour, size and company branding.

Kiosk-based visitor management integrates with a variety of software and peripherals. Different bespoke designs are available for different kiosks. You can choose from vandal resistant, stainless steel models to sleek tablet version. You can also use the type of kiosk, according to the place of installation. The type of visitor management kiosk varies from the wall mount, desktop to the pedestal one.

Specialised Kiosk-based Visitor Management Systems And Their Functioning

Visitor management system having self-badging kiosk is an important system for the management of visitors at a site. The system provides a temporary ID badge to the visitors which they wear at a facility where identification is required. It represents the identity of the visitor themselves, the contract they represent, the name of the company that granted their access and a photo.

It allows the institution to keep track of visitors when they are in the building. Using this, staff can make sure that if they have wandered out of the area of access.

Touchscreen-based kiosks are even more reliable. They can operate on their own with little training.

Some other personalised systems can easily predict the time of exit of each visitor. Knowing this, facilities can keep count on the number of visitors present inside the premises.

To sum up, visitor management systems are the need for today’s security organisations. Such systems are a must for prosperity and success of programs which requires considerable management. Kiosk-based visitor tracking systems represent a great technological approach for visitor authorisations.

Entrymon – Seamlessly Customisable Digital Gate Pass App

While you have a manual visitor management kiosk at reception, you can easily transform that into a digital system by integrating the Entrymon app. The visitor gate entry app solves all the visitor management dilemmas and offers a highly customisable system in front of you. It provides a full range and versatile application to housing societies, industries, parking lots at malls and hospitals and valet parking at hotels.

Entrymon is designed to work the way you want. The digital gate pass app allows you to have control over it as per your facility policies and track and record visitor information within seconds. The app is much more effective, secure and cost-effective than other unmanned visitor tracking kiosks.

So, get the app now and make your reception desk more productive!